Last time you were in a baby shop….

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Were you overwhelmed by decisions while at the same time underwhelmed by the options available? Did you nearly have a meltdown??  You want to buy something special for your wee one, right?  Something original and beautiful and lovingly made but you find yourself in a shop unsure which to buy, what will last and what will suit this beautiful little loved one that you have coming in to the world.

Does any of this sound familiar?  Well that was definitely me when I was expecting my first child!  Not only was I overwhelmed by choices, unsure what to buy, but I was also uninspired by what was available!  I wanted a gorgeous blanket for my soon-to-arrive bub and I wanted it to be something special.  Something he would cuddle up to and treasure forever.  A blanket that I would snuggle him in while I was feeding him, cuddling him, comforting him.  I wanted to be able to put this cuddly blankie over him when he was in the car or pram so he always had that home comfort wherever we went.  After all, this was my precious bundle of joy and I wanted it to be just right!


As I looked around the shop I was in, I felt that nothing really fit the bill.  There also weren’t many gender-neutral options (although we knew we were having a boy, we were keeping that news quiet from everyone else!).  At that very moment, standing in the baby-chain-store, I decided that I had to do better.  I went to the local fabric store (a few times, dragging my ever-patient husband) and over much deliberation I chose a lovely selection of fabrics and went back to our home and made my first baby quilt!  My son still has his gorgeous baby quilt to this day and cherishes it!

From there, things took a natural progression as friends and family started asking me to make blankets for their wee ones.  I made them to order for a while, and then I started making extras for people to choose ‘off the rack’.  Before I knew it, Jo-Anna’s Attic was born.   To this day I continue to make a beautiful range of blankets and decor for children as well as making custom orders designed to suit your needs.  Please feel free to contact me for a no-obligation chat about what we could work together to create!




So tell me, what is your one frustration when shopping for baby?  Is there something you’ve been looking for but can’t seem to find?  Please comment below!  I’m always keen to hear what stumbling blocks the modern mummy is facing!




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