7 Top Tips For Organising Kids School Bags

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7 Top Tips For Organising Kids School Bags


Kids school bags can be a little bit like the Bermuda Triangle. Things go in there, but they never seem to come out again. There are always unknown objects lurking about within – odd socks, muesli bar wrappers, school hats, bits of paper, craft projects, and goodness knows what else! It can be so hard to keep your children organised, let alone their schoolbags. So, I have put together a list of how I keep my kids school bags organised.




7 top tips for organising kids school bags… 


Use the Compartments 

If your bag has built in compartments, then designate them for certain items. Put your drink bottle in the side pocket. Put small items like headphones, lunch money, spare socks and hair ties in little top pockets. Try not to dump everything in the main pocket of the bag.


Use a Thingy Bag for Storage and Protection 

Keep your devices safe by packing them into a Thingy Bag before putting them into the school bag. You can also put all the accompanying pieces in the Thingy Bag with the device – a mouse, thecharger, headphones, power packs, and mini USB cables.


Organinse BYOD Accessories with a Thingy Bag


Store loose items in a Thingy Bag too, things like art supplies are great to keep in there. Colour pencils, felt pens, writing utensils, pencil sharpener and all your other little bits and pieces will not get lost in the bottom of the bag any more!


Yellow Thingy Bag Jo-Anna's Attic
Organinse Colouring Pencils with a Thingy Bag



Thingy Bags are available in a range of colours and fabrics from Jo-Anna’s Attic. They measure 18cm by 28cm and are great for all your knick knacks. Check out the range here.


Don’t Have Loose Paper 

Loose paper will not survive in a schoolbag. It will end up scrunched, ripped, or lost between other books. Make sure you have something to put loose papers into. Whether it is a folder, a book bag, or even a Thingy Bag, have a designated place to put them and stop them getting destroyed.


Organinse Loose papers and notices with a Thingy Bag


Have an Appropriate Lunchbox 

Make sure you buy a lunchbox that suits your child’s lunch needs. If they like a whole banana, then don’t buy a lunchbox with lots of small compartments. Otherwise, you won’t be able to fit the banana into the box, and it will kick around in the bottom of the bag getting bruised instead. And we all know how kids feel about bruised bananas!


Have a Purge 

Regularly check your child’s schoolbag to see what is lurking in the depths! Have a clean out every week or so, then you won’t get a build-up of papers, wrappers, and forgotten food.


Pack It Properly 

Teach your kids how to pack their bags properly. Put all the big stuff in first, and the heavy things at the bottom. Show them how to put the books at the back of the bag, this will make it more comfortable to carry on their back as they will have a flat surface, and won’t have anything poking into their back.


Unpack and Repack 

Try not to pack your bag in a hurry. It can be a really good idea to unpack as soon as you get home from school, then repack the items needed for the next day. In the morning you will just need to slip your lunchbox in, and you are ready to go!


So there you go, 7 top tips that will help with organising your kids school bags!


Drawstring bag from Jo-Anna's Attic

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