The 5 Best Baby Shower Gifts

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Baby showers. The term itself starts to get me excited, let alone the party itself! Such a fun way to spend the afternoon with friends, and the anticipation of getting to meet that gorgeous new bundle when it arrives. But now the pressure is on to find that perfect gift. You want something beautiful, something helpful, and something that will actually get used. So, we have put together our top 5 ideas for baby shower gifts to help you out.


Comfy Pyjamas

Let’s face it, as a new Mum you will spend a lot of time in your jarmies. At the maternity hospital, feeding in the dead of the night, and those days where you just can’t find the time to get dressed. So who wouldn’t love a stylish and comfortable new pair of pyjamas?

Because they are pretty and new, the Mama won’t feel daggy wearing them around the house. And they will keep her snuggly warm when she has to get up for night-time feeds. Just make sure that you choose ones with feeding access if she is going to be breastfeeding.


Baby Blanket 

Babies and blankets go hand in hand. You can never have too many for snuggling, bedding, or keeping warm on the go.

And what nicer gift could you give than a gorgeous handmade blanket like the one’s we stock in our shop? Lovingly crafted in a range of beautiful fabrics, this baby will never be cold!

If you are looking for a snuggle blanket, a cot blanket, or a quilt, we have them all! There are a range of items available in our shop now, or you can place a custom order with us if you want something extra special. Check out our range here .






As soon as this baby pops into the world, there will be so many things that come along with him or her. From nappies to wipes to change of clothes, babies require a lot of stuff – and most of these things have to be taken with them on the go!

Why not buy Mum some gorgeous and trendy drawstring ‘Thingy Bag’s for her to store the items.  They will fit two nappies and a pack of wipes easily.  They are also great for toys, toiletries and well child books!  Thingy bags come in a variety of colours and patterns. View the range here.


A Cleaner 

Don’t physically stuff your cleaning lady into a box, but do give the gift of her much-needed services. There are many things you don’t have much time for as a new Mum, and cleaning is one of them.

Imagine the thought of not having to worry about vacuuming, wiping the kitchen benches, or scrubbing the toilet. All that extra time to just focus on being a Mum and bonding with baby. Sounds like a dream come true doesn’t it?

Grab a voucher from a cleaning company if they offer one, or whip up your own to say you will pay for a certain number of hours of cleaning work once the baby is born. You can be sure this gift will be appreciated!


Home Cooked Meals 

It might sound like a strange thing to take to a baby shower, but home cooked meals are an amazing gift. The feeling of knowing you don’t have to cook dinner at the end of a long newborn day is amazing! In those first weeks, sometimes it’s a struggle to get dressed, let alone be organised enough to cook dinner. Knowing there is a supply of meals in the freezer just waiting to be reheated is a godsend.

Just ensure you make meals that can be frozen, and that will reheat well without drying out or going mushy. Bonus points are given if you can create a healthy, hearty meal that has everything in it already, and needs nothing added to the side. Think shepherd’s pie, casseroles, soups and bakes that just need to go in the oven for reheating.


So there you go, our top 5 ideas for baby shower gifts. Everyone will buy onesies, towels and bibs, but people rarely give gifts to make things easier for a new Mum, or ways to create memories. Those will be the gifts she will remember for a lifetime.



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